IDEA is a full-service engineering firm offering diverse and comprehensive services from the earliest stages of a potential process to the design and startup of a full-scale chemical manufacturing plant.

Engineering, Procurement, Construction and Project Management Services:

Process Engineering/Design
With expertise in both continuous and batch processes, IDEA works with our clients to develop new process designs and expand on the capacity of existing process facilities.

Utility Engineering/Design
When utility capacity becomes the limiting factor in the expansion of your facility, IDEA will establish the utility demand requirements of your process and design the capacity upgrades to meet the need.

2D and 3D Plant Design
IDEA has highly sophisticated 2D and 3D design capability to translate your vision to physical drawings and models for construction.

IDEA will design and specify your instrumentation and controls systems to enable process functions to meet the operational need.

Whether it be specific ventilation and air changes to address process hazard requirements, or comfort air conditioning, IDEA has the design resources to address your needs.

Electrical Engineering
IDEA has the capability to assess your existing electrical system capacity, integrate new systems to existing electrical
infrastructure or design electric power systems to serve a new
facility or expansion of existing. We can also perform specialty evaluations such as Arc Flash and Lightning Protection studies.

Industrial Engineering
IDEA will work with your operations personnel to help optimize your process flow, equipment utilization, material handling systems, manufacturing, and production systems.

Civil/Structural Engineering
IDEA will develop the civil/structural design for your new facility or the modifications needed to accommodate new building loads resulting from the introduction of new processes and

Cost Estimating
Drawing on extensive experience in both design and construction, IDEA will prepare cost estimates you can have confidence in.

Project Management
IDEA Project Managers have decades of experience leading multiple small projects and very large projects to successful outcomes.

Specialty Services:

Environmental Compliance
IDEA's heavy concentration of Process Engineering expertise makes us ideally suited to support EPA filings as well as design abatement and recycle systems to minimize air and water emissions. IDEA has significant experience in the following areas:
Emission calculations for permit applications, Waste Minimization Techniques, Zero Leakage Technologies, Solvent Recovery Systems including Adsorption, Absorption, and Low-temp Condensation, Destruction Technologies including Chemical Neutralization, and Vent Collection Systems for multiple processes.

Process Safety Management / HAZOP
IDEA has extensive experience in process design and can actively participate, formally facilitate and document the rigorous PSM process.

Startup and Commissioning Services
IDEA is an ACG certified Commissioning Agent, providing services to the chemical, pharmaceutical, and bio-pharmaceutical industries. As part of our full service capabilities we have commissioned and/or validated numerous complex systems and facilities.

Utility Evaluations
IDEA will perform utility demand analysis based on a detailed examination of the process and establish the margin available in utility supply to meet the requirements of the process.

Procurement Services
IDEA offers a highly efficient process to procure equipment and materials while maintaining the documentation trail required to meet the requirements of our Client’s procurement policies.

As-Built Drawing Preparation
IDEA will send Engineers and Designers to your facility to document as-built conditions to both schematic and physical drawings.

Laser Scanning
IDEA can laser scan your facility to establish as-built conditions and enable seamless design integration of a facility expansion.

Industrial Loss and Forensics
IDEA has supported the insurance community performing technical evaluation of claims ranging from $200K to $200MM.