Chemical & Process

IDEA has built a reputation for providing unparalleled process engineering services forming the core of our expertise.

IDEA is an industry leader in the design of new and retrofit of existing chemical / organic synthesis derived facilities.

Our projects range from the design and construction of R&D laboratories, kilo-scale and pilot facilities, commercial scale greenfield production plants and extensive modifications to existing production facilities.

Our expertise includes:

• Batch and Continuous Processes
• Process Instrumentation
• Process Controls
• Specialized Piping Systems
• Process Equipment
• Hazardous Material Handling
• Code Assessments
• PSM Requirements
• Utility Systems
• Waste Minimization
• Process Optimization
• Technology Transfer
• Process Unit Operations such as:
Batch and Continuous Adsorption, Centrifugation, Chemical Reactions, Distillation, Evaporation, Drying, Extraction, Filtration, Heat Transfer, Mixing and Blending, Solids Conveying, Dissolving, Solid Additions, Dust Collection and Control, Utilities, Steam and Condensate Systems, Cooling Water Systems, Process Refrigeration Systems, Hot Oil Systems, Vacuum Systems, Process Heaters, Thermal Destruction Systems, Cryogenic Systems, Solvent Recovery Systems, Process Wastewater, Containment Systems, Solvent and Chemical Receiving, and Storage and Distribution.

Waste to Energy Conversion

IDEA has extensive process design experience in the Biofuel industry as well as the heat and power Waste-to-Energy renewable energy industry.

IDEA's Waste to fuels expertise includes:

The design of continuous catalyzed esterification and transesterification processes to convert a wide range of high free fatty acid feedstocks including waste oils, fats and greases into usable fuel oils and biodiesel products. Inherent in this process is the recovery and recycle of high purity methanol as well as a vacuum distillation process to isolate an ASTM quality B100 grade biodiesel product which is equivalent to petroleum based diesel.

Additionally, IDEA engineered waste to energy facilities utilizing a variety of waste biomass feeds for conversion to heat and electric power output.

Furthermore, we are cognizant of and can accommodate the needs and expectations of private developers who tend to dominate this market segment.

Manufacturing & Technology

IDEA has an extensive understanding of the technologies, code requirements, and regulatory practices necessary to design state-of-the-art R&D and manufacturing facilities. Our ability to provide cost-effective solutions that meet our Client’s operational needs is central to the service that we offer.

Additionally, a thorough understanding of environmental rules and regulations is essential when designing a new facility or upgrading an existing one. We are knowledgeable of and experienced in applying the latest technologies to control noxious emissions and can identify and remediate potential process and operational hazards.

Pharmaceutical & Biotechnology

IDEA's expertise in Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API-Small Molecule) includes:

Similar Unit Operations to those described in Chemicals & Polymers, Potent Compound Handling & Containment, cGMP Compliance, Material & Personnel Flow, Clean Room design for finished API’s, Segregated Warehousing, Cross Contamination Avoidance, Clean-In-Place Capabilities, On-line Process Sampling, and Clean Utilities.

Industrial Loss Assessments

Industrial loss assessment is one of IDEA's specialty areas of expertise, covering supported claims from $200K to $200MM over our 25 year history.

IDEA’s knowledge of industrial design, construction and estimating, enables us to provide detailed damage assessments and restoration estimates. IDEA provides technical consultation, estimating and management support services during the claim assessment process associated with industrial accidents, and disasters both natural and manmade.