We are a Full-Service Engineering Firm, with Specialty Services that include Environmental, Hazop, Safety and Code Reviews, PSM Program Management, Commissioning, Startup and many other services required for a given project.

Engineering, Procurement, Construction, Maintenance, and Project Management Services

  1. Chemical and Process Engineering
  2. Mechanical/HVAC
  3. Electrical Engineering
  4. Industrial Engineering
  5. Process Architecture
  6. Civil/Structural Engineering
  7. 3D Plant Design
  8. Instrumentation/Controls
  9. Plant Automation
  10. CAD/Drafting
  11. EPCM (Engineering, Procurement and Construction Management)
  12. Cost Estimating
  13. Project Scheduling

Specialty Services

  1. Construction Supervision
  2. Regulatory/Compiance
  3. Conceptual Planning
  4. Computerized Estimating
  5. Purchasing and Cost Control
  6. Basic Design
  7. Detailed Design
  8. Partnering
  9. Laboratory Planning
  10. Document Control / Organization

Industrial Services

Industrial Services include: Utility Evaluations, As-Builting existing facilities, Load Study of critical utilities, as well as Utility Design.

Environmental Compliance, Hazard Analysis, and Containment

IDEA's heavy concentration of Process Engineering expertise makes us ideally suited to support EPA filings as well as design abatement and recycle systems to minimize air and water emissions.

Regardless of the industry, whether it is pharmaceutical, specialty chemical, polymer, or semiconductor, the strict environmental issues facing today's industrial manufacturers must be heeded when designing a new facility or upgrading an existing one. The most important step in our design of any facility is that we become familiar with the chemicals and solvents involved to understand the environmental control implications and emission regulations for each of them. We have extensive experience in the latest technologies to control noxious emissions. Many of these projects included hazardous operations and high containment requirements either for product purity, operator safety or local environmental regulations. Our staff routinely conducts hazard analyses for our clients and is considered an expert in the identification and remediation of potential process and operational hazards.

IDEA has significant experience in the following areas:

Emission calculations for permit applications, Waste Minimization Techniques, Zero Leakage Technologies, Solvent Recovery Systems including Adsorption, Absorption, and Low-temp Condensation, Destruction Technologies including Chemical Neutralization, and Vent Collection Systems for multiple processes.

Commissioning Services

IDEA is an ACG certified Commissioning Agent that has served the chemical, pharmaceutical, and bio-pharmaceutical industries since it’s inception in 1995. As part of our full service capabilities we have commissioned and/or validated numerous complex systems and facilities.

We are confident that our experience with Pharmaceutical and Bio-Pharmaceutical Industries, along with a strong background in designing and commissioning process driven facilities make us ideally suited to provide commissioning services for any project.

Select Commissioning Project Examples:

IDEA is the Cx Authority for the largest privately owned and operated BSL-4 Laboratory in the country at Boston University and Medical Center.

IDEA is currently the Commissioning Authority for Boston University Medical Center’s (BUMC) National Emerging Infectious Diseases Laboratory (NEIDL) in Boston Mass. IDEA has been involved in the project from 2004 to the present.

Commissioning Support Services for a new $40mm bio-processing facility in Florida. IDEA provided all engineering and design services; the Client also requested IDEA to perform the commissioning, as well as assist with system and facility start up.

IDEA was also part of a significant commissioning effort on a large scale biopharmaceutical manufacturing facility in Andover, Mass. The project included commissioning of all process and utility systems as well as the overall integrated facility. The facility contained many critical systems and a high level of automation. Critical systems included WFI, HVAC with HEPA filtration, containment and product purity related design features. Analytical and developmental laboratory spaces were also part of the project.

IDEA provided an on-site commissioning / validation remediation team to a Major Vaccine Manufacturer in Pearl River New York. The team was on-site for a 3 year period and was instrumental in achieving compliance with FDA guidelines and regulations.