Chemical & Polymer

IDEA's experience in providing expanded design services for the Chemical and Specialty Chemical industries forms the core of our expertise.

IDEA is an industry leader in the design of new, and retrofit of existing chemical / organic synthesis-derived facilities. Our projects range from the design and construction of R & D laboratories, kilo-scale and pilot facilities, to full-scale production plants.

IDEA is expert in the following unit operations:

Batch and Continuous Adsorption, Centrifugation, Chemical Reactions, Distillation, Evaporation, Drying, Extraction, Filtration, Heat Transfer, Mixing and Blending, Solids, Conveying, Dissolving, Solid Additions, Dust Collection and Control, Utilities, Steam and Condensate Systems, Cooling Water Systems, Process Refrigeration Systems, Hot Oil Systems, Vacuum Systems, Process Heaters, Thermal Destruction Systems, Cryogenic Systems, Solvent Recovery Systems, Process Wastewater, Containment Systems, Solvent and Chemical Receiving, and Storage and Distribution.

Pharmaceutical & Biotechnology

IDEA's expertise in Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API-Small Molecule) includes:

Similar Unit Operations to those described in Chemicals & Polymers, Potent Compound Handling & Containment, cGMP Compliance, Material & Personnel Flow, Clean Room design for finished API’s, Segregated Warehousing, Cross Contamination Avoidance, Clean-In-Place Capabilities, On-line Process Sampling, and occasionally Clean Utilities.

IDEA’s high containment experience includes our role as Program Manager on a feasibility Study for a $180 million dollar BioSafety Research Facility for a University in Manassas, VA, that included multiple BSL-2, BSL-3 and BSL-4 Suites, a large NHP Vivarium, and all supporting spaces and systems. This study included all aspects of facility design from site selection and development, space programming, equipment selection, security features, operating considerations and cost development. The facility was very similar to the BUMC NEIDL in Boston.

Manufacturing & Technology

IDEA is proficient not only in the design and engineering complexities of chemical, pharmaceutical and life sciences facilities, but we assist our clients in understanding the newest technologies and regulatory practices that are pertinent to state-of-the art R&D and manufacturing facilities.

We have provided engineering services to local Aerospace Manufacturerers. The facilities require upgrades of their solvent handling and distribution. IDEA has provided cost effective solutions meeting facility demands. Additionally we have designed several washing areas complete with wastewater collection and reprocessing. IDEA has also designed and installed a Methanol distribution system required for process equipment. We have provided evaluations of Chilled Water systems required for process equipment at multiple facilities.

IDEA's Secondary Manufacturing expertise includes:

Receiving and Dispensing, Potent Compound Handling & Containment, Blending/Formulating/Granulating/Drying, Spheronization/Micronization, Aseptic Processing, Lyophilization & Sterile Fill, Pre-filled Syringe Technology, Barrier Technology, Labeling & Specialty Packaging, cGMP Compliance, Material & Personnel Flow, Clean Room Classifications, Clean HVAC Design, Segregated Warehousing, Cross Contamination Avoidance, Clean-In-Place Capabilities, and commonly Clean Utilities.

Energy & Utilities

From Biodiesel to Plastics to Fuel to Fuel Cells, IDEA has been involved in Design Development and Program Management for more than 10 years.

Over the course of the last five years, IDEA has expanded its service offerings to include the rapidly growing, and highly diverse, renewable energy market. Not only has IDEA become expert in some of the thermal and biological conversion technologies involved, it has also become knowledgeable of the special needs and expectations of the private developers who tend to dominate this market segment.

IDEA’s expertise in renewable energy includes Biofuels as well as Waste-to-Energy (Heat and Power).

IDEA's Biofuels expertise includes:

Biodiesel via methyl esterification of lipids/oils, Renewable Diesel, Fisher-Tropsch (FT) Diesel, Gasification of biomass (syngas production), Syngas clean-up, Fisher-Tropsch catalytic conversion, MSW conversion, Cellulosic ethanol from woody biomass, Acquisition due diligence, DOE/USDA Loan Guarantees-Independent Engineer Appraisals, and Algae to Fuel.

Waste-to-Energy (Heat and Power) expertise includes:

Anaerobic Digestion, Food Waste/Woody Waste/WAS/Animal Waste processing, Wood waste incineration to Sterling Cycle Engine, Heat Recovery via HRSG to electric power, Biogas clean-up, CHP via internal combustion engine, and CHP via Fuel Cell.

Industrial Loss & Forensics

Forensic Engineering is one of IDEA's specialty areas of expertise, covering supported claims from $200K to $200MM over our 20 year history.

IDEA’s knowledge of industrial manufacturing and construction has gained IDEA significant experience and recognition within the insurance community. IDEA has provided technical and management support services during the claim assessment process. Our engineers have demonstrated the ability to respond to natural and man-made disasters with expertise, professionalism and personal commitment.

A brief summary of the major claims are:

World Trade Center 911 Disaster

One month after the events of 9/11/2001, IDEA was contracted to assemble a team of up to 40 engineers and designers to perform field quantity surveys and damage assessment for the following:

AON Building-2001
Claim Value: Unknown

IDEA obtained all existing information for the AON facilities that were located at Two World Trade Center. This information included architectural, electrical, mechanical, HVAC and fire protection drawings. All specifications pertaining to the work performed were also assembled. IDEA then prepared complete estimates to support the claim.

Goldman Sachs-2001
Claim Value: Unknown

IDEA provided Engineering Assistance and on-site manpower to document and assess the conditions of computers and furnishings. Estimates were prepared to support insurance claims.

Claim Value: Unknown

Assessed and documented the conditions of computers to support insurance claims. The project is located at CIBC, 200 Liberty Street in New York City on floors six, seven eight and floors thirty through forty.

Verizon Communications-2001
Claim Value: $900mm

Assessed and documented the conditions of the Verizon Communications Building , 140 West Street in New York City.

Fiterman Hall, NY, NY-2001
Claim Value: Unknown

Building was under construction when the disaster occurred. IDEA was called to assess the damage and estimate costs to repair the existing and estimate construction costs necessary to complete the project.

Hurricane Mitch-1999

Dole Foods Sugar Refining Facility
Claim Value: $100mm

Complete flood loss of a Dole Foods Sugar Refining Facility in Honduras. IDEA re-engineered the complete facility so an accurate quantity survey could be performed. All documentation was lost so as-built drawings, based on field survey information, were prepared. Under extreme conditions in Honduras the IDEA led team generated all information necessary to support the $100mm claim. The personal commitment of the team reflects the dedication of our employees.

Hurricane Sandy-2013

Claim Value: Unknown

IDEA was engaged in multiple projects assessing damage due to a massive Hurricane that struck the East Coast in 2012. The projects were complex and ranged from municipal waste pumping stations, residential high rise complexes to a complete flood loss of a chemical production facility. IDEA had dedicated teams to support this work.