Our business, like most, is about building and maintaining strong relationships with our customers.
We proudly boast a repeat business rate of greater than 90% over our 20 year history.

Representative Clients

IDEA's Alliances

In order to stay ahead of the curve of a rapidly increasing design/build market, IDEA has formed strategic alliances with a number of formidable constructors.

Our Customers demand more than extraordinary engineering, and IDEA delivers. IDEA continually seeks to maximize project quality and efficiency by collaborating with other engineering companies to deliver unparalleled performance and cost-effective project solutions. We select the right resources at the right time, minimally impacting client start-up time. Our alliances expand our ability to reach more companies, offer superior engineering services and deliver innovative solutions to clients on projects of all sizes, throughout all phases. Forming alliances with other engineering and construction firms creates a culture of excellence that maintains a greater level of knowledge and experience.